Enhanced Money Market Fund

The Enhanced Money Market Fund has as its objective, a goal to outperform competitors by delivering higher growth than traditional, pure money market funds while also working on a foundational philosophy that aims for higher liquidity and the preservation of capital. The Enhanced Money Market Fund division comprised of global expert advisers, seeks to outperform traditional pure money market funds by operating under a benchmark objective for growth to be achieved over a rolling 12-month period.

Fund Investments Include:

  • Call deposits
  • Debt Securities (money market)
  • Short-term Debt (Up to or <2 Years Maturity)
  • Fixed rate

Risk Budget/Profile:

  • Low risk
  • Alpha generated at minimum credit, term and interest rate
  • Reduce volatility through monthly benchmark tracking
The investment geo-landscape is European Union and offers opportunities for cash and money market instruments, and short-term bonds with a funding strategy which utilizes time constrained active duration and credit leveraging.


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Email: info@sslt.se