Net Lease Real Estate Rentals

No investment is a guarantee of growth or even fully immune to market changes. However, net lease investing (also known as long-term lease investing) is considered one of the lowest risks, no matter what the condition of the market cycle. The long-term nature of the lease, one that is backed by a credit-worthy retail community-based renter, and with a business chosen for its high traffic and big business, assures buffers against wild inflation swings, volatile market conditions, and scarcity or a lack of liquidity.

Low maintenance, low turnover, high credit, increasingly higher rents. These are all things to love about net lease investments. Investors enjoy net leasing because it’s a way to ensure growth and preserve capital and liquidity over a long-term rental agreement and one that has built in adjustments for inflation. During periods of increased volatility, the choice of long-term lease real estate rentals as an investment option, provides clients with the security of knowing that they will receive extended, inflation-adjusted, rental income. Over the long term, opportunities to grow and preserve capital assure some added security in a volatile market, and the bonus of access to ongoing liquidity.

Net Lease Real Estate Rentals

*Referenced past outperformance benchmarks are not an indication of future performance. As with all investments there is inherent risk. The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause prices to fall and rise. Investors may not get back the original amount invested. Where past performance is referenced, please note, it is not a predictive guide of future performance.


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