Environmental, Social
and Governance Financing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing has many beneficial socio-corporate and financial implications for the institutional investor. Economically it is a reinvestment in the community infrastructure and contributes to the social impact profile of a business. In terms of returns, the long-term nature and structure of these loans bodes well for the predictability of returns, making them not only socially impactful, but also an attractive risk materially.

Private infrastructure debt is longer-term inherently, given the economic life span of infrastructure assets. Many business owners are clearly understanding the need for ESG engagement as an integral part of responsible investing in fixed income. Top-down active management, allows advisers in the ESG group to fully engage with borrowers and clients, has proven quite effective in private infrastructure debt investment. Our strategies and philosophies have lead to outperformance of the leading brands and increased returns.*
*The value of investments will fluctuate. Prices may fall and could lead to total loss of investment. Advisement on investments is never a guarantee of returns on investment.

Infrastructure Assets are categorized by the following groups:


Telecommunications, Electricity, Gas, and Water


Airports, Railways, Ports, Roads


Wind and Solar, Waste to Energy, Hydro

Social Infrastructure

Student housing, Public Private Partnership, Housing

Infrastructure debt offers long-dated, consistent stability and returns predictability. One benefit is that these returns are based on cash flow, not on capital growth.

Attractive characteristics of infrastructure businesses that can predictably offer stable returns include, stable cashflow, high recovery rates, a low impact as it relates to economic cycles, and stringent entry and exit covenants for both clients and competitors.

What is Infrastructure debt?

Scandinavian Savings and Loans Trust offers a myriad of infrastructure debt transaction options suitable for most investor requirements. These include:
  • Public, private debt
  • Primary market, secondary market
  • Liquid or illiquid debt
  • Bond form or loan form
  • Indices-linked, fixed and variable interest rates
  • Senior/junior debt
  • Sterling, Euros and other currency
  • Amortization on infrastructure debt

Scandinavian Savings and Loans Trust – Experience Makes a Difference

Scandinavian Savings and Loans Trust has been in the infrastructure debt arena since 2008. Our experience shows in consistent outperformance of our leading competitors both quarterly and annually. Our global team of experts has been structuring and managing diversified successful portfolios for more than a decade. We have been leaders in private investments sector since our inception. The addition of our private debt capabilities has only worked to enhance and work in tandem with our very established, long standing public debt experience.

Our focus on active management and detailed credit monitoring and analysis, has allowed our client funds to outperform competitors and to deliver strong returns from their infrastructure assets throughout the long-term credit cycle of the investment. Our expertise on data analysis, infrastructure-specific debt-structures, company vetting translates to peak execution. Experience and leadership makes the difference.*

*Referenced past performance is not indicative of future results.

Socially Responsible Investing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues often reveal themselves over time. Therefore, these types of investments are always evaluated from a long-term perspective to predict performance. Primarily illiquid, ESG investments do present risk factors that can and will materially affect investment results. We consider it a priority and a responsibility to regard to identify and include ESG issues in our investment analysis, as we do for a myriad of investment products and for all factors that may impact long-term investment outcomes for our clients


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