Bond Fund

The Scandinavian Savings and Loans Trust Bond Fund invests in European Union government and corporate bonds, including nominal and inflation linked bonds.

An active management seeks to outperform through strategic:

  • Monitoring of Effective Duration Relative to Bond Rates
  • Yielding of Pick Up Credit Options
  • Seizing Opportunistic Strategies in Place
  • Yielding curve positioning
Our foundational strategy focuses on moderate risk within a specific benchmark goal for growth over a one-year duration. Our process includes a micro-focused strategy using alpha generation trading and monthly tracking. By utilizing alpha technology to develop quantitative financial forecasts and trading objectives to generate consistent absolute returns, we deliver in growth and performance for our investors and as it compares to the leading competitors. Within the European landscape, the Bond Fund group includes investments in listed government bonds including inflation linked papers and corporate credit. Within the appointed geo-landscape, our team operates under a time active, constrained portfolio management style, both leveraging credit and utilizing active, bottom-up investment strategies to generate growth.


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