Flexible Income Fund

The Fund seeks to outperform growth benchmarks through investments in current income and researched securities. Opportunities are sourced based on a formula of future relative value and risk for capital appreciation. With a track record of experience and proven process, we seek to outperform competitors’ benchmarks for growth, by increasing exposure to bonds and based on active management and research. The benchmark performance objective for the Flexible Income Investment group seeks to outperform highest bond rates or cash growth over a given interest rate cycle and within absolute risk.

The Flexible Income Risk Profile

  • Moderate
  • Seeks Positive growth
  • Seeks to preserve capital by analyzing growth vs. risk
  • Rolling 12-month term

Investments Include:

  • Nominal bonds
  • Inflation-linked bonds
  • Money market
Our Flexible Income growth profile includes an active management strategy style which utilizes unconstrained active duration investing and leveraged credit both to achieve growth benchmarks and to preserve capital and/or liquidity.


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