Infrastructure Financing

The infrastructure financing department is an essential segment of our overall finance team. The advisers within the infrastructure financing services group, provide services not easily duplicated in any other type of special financing group.

Infrastructure financing is a key component in a stable economy. While it is a more recent addition to financing options, as compared to more traditional investments, institutional investors collectively find infrastructure debt assets particularly, quite attractive, both for their diversification and long-term returns predictability, and for their low liability.

At Scandinavian Savings and Loans Trust, our advisers have more than a combined three decades experience and expertise. Financial advisers are cross-trained both in infrastructure debt and infrastructure equity. The debt team builds and manages all classes of debt in the infrastructure sector. The infrastructure equity team, works on acquisition opportunities utilizing active top down management with the goal of securing and diversifying the highest returns on assets.*

Infrastructure Financing

*The value of investments will fluctuate. Prices may fall leading to significant loss on the investment. Financial advisement is never a guarantee of returns.


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